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tppCaptcha is an ASCII-art, non-graphical CAPTCHA system that works with PHP versions 4 and 5, does not require any image processing libraries and is very easy to integrate with your existing web site.

It does an excellent job of keeping nasty automated web bots from abusing your web site forms - blocking contact form spam, guestbook spam, and comment spam. It helps block all forms of automated website spam!

Website spam is a serious, growing problem. However, we feel it is a problem you can handle with a carefully considered CAPTCHA solution such as tppCaptcha. I also offer custom installation services.


  • No Image Library Needed
  • Output for page is completed on initial page load - no second trip to server for image
  • No image output means less load on your server and less bandwidth to pay for!
  • Full Service installation available - see the purchase page for more information
Regular Price: $9.95 - Sale Price! $4.95! The price will go up soon, so don't delay, buy it today!
This online demo is fully active - try it to see how it works!
oooooooooo.          .oooo.          .o       ooooooooo.
`888'   `Y8b       .dP""Y88b       o888  `    `888   `Y88.
 888      888 y          ]8P'       888        888   .d88'
 888      888          <88b.        888        888ooo88P'
 888    8 888     o     `88b.       888   .    888`88b.
 888     d88'      o.   .88P        888        888  `88b.
o888bood8P'        `8bd88P'        o888o      o888o  o888o

Hit reload several times to see different fonts.
New fonts are added occasionally.
Current Font: roman
Current Clutter%: 3
Current Letter Spacing: 5 tppCaptcha v1.0 - 10/19/2006
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